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The hazards of dry battery and handling methods:

  • The hazards of used batteries:
  • The hazards of used batteries mainly concentrated in a small amount of heavy metals contained in them, such as lead, mercury, cadmium. These toxic substances can enter the body through various means. Long-term savings will be difficult to be removed, so it will damage to the nervous system, hematopoietic function and bone, and even can cause cancer.
  • Lead: nervous system (nerve weakness, numbness of hand-foot), digestive system (dyspepsia, abdominal cramps), blood poisoning and other diseases.
    Mercury: The change of mental state is one of the major symptoms of mercury poisoning. Pulse speed, muscle vibration, mouth and digestive system diseases.
    Cadmium, manganese: mainly harm the nervous system.
  • Used batteries are discarded at random have done great harm to our survival environment. Used batteries can leak heavy metals will cause pollution of groundwater and soil, also indirect threat to human health.
  • Discarded mercury of batteries in nature will slowly overflow from the battery into the soil or water, and then enter the body through the crops, damage people's kidneys. Under the action of microorganisms, inorganic mercury can be transformed into methyl mercury, gathered in the fish's body. Once the human eat this fish, the methyl mercury enters the human brain cells to make people's nervous systems were severely damaged, who would be crazy to death. Exudative cadmium contaminated land and water bodies, and enter the human body eventually makes the liver and kidney damage, can also cause bone soft, heavy causing bone deformities. Used batteries of Automotive contain acids and heavy metals lead can leak into the nature which can cause the pollution of soil and water, and harm people ultimately.
  • The main pollution of used batteries is heavy metals, Such as mercury, cadmium and lead. When used batteries are thrown on the roadside, these toxic substances on the human body has not disappeared, they are absorbed by plants to pollute water sources.
  • For example: "Itai-itai disease" and the "Minamata disease" are industrial pollution disease occurring in Japan. This is due to waste water contains cadmium or mercury that pollute the soil and water, entered into food chain of the human. "Minamata disease" is mercury poisoning, in patients with a large number of methylmercury savings to damage the cerebral central nervous and peripheral nerve. Light patient will become paralysis of hand-foot and heavy patient maybe death. "Itai-itai disease" is cadmium poisoning, patients feel pain with hand-foot and throughout the body are prone to fracture. People who get the disease have been shouting, "It really hurt! It really hurt!" Until death, they were called "Itai-itai disease." As the ordinary dry batteries contain these two toxic elements, so that the battery lurks pollution at all times from production to disposal. It is imperative for battery recycling!
  • We should advocate for everyone should contribute for their own living environment. We should make in the run out of batteries thrown into the designated location, in case it will pollute the environment. Li-ion battery recycling (our laptops use Li-ion batteries battery is safe, pollution-free battery. Welcome you view the composition of Li-ion battery.)
  • How to deal with used batteries:

  • Discarded batteries haunt us. It was readily thrown into the garbage. As more people are concerned about how to deal with used battery when it is discovered that the pollution of used batteries is so large, serious and powerful. So how to deal with used batteries in the end?
  • 1. placed in a special used battery recycling bins
  • 2. regular collection
  • 3. the battery classification processing
  • 4. delivered a certain amount to a special treatment plant.
  • When we refer to some information, I realized that the battery is also in the use of recycling.
    please proper disposal of used batteries for the sake of our living environment.
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    Used batteries are discarded at random have done great harm to our survival environment
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