We supply best rechargeable replacement HP DL615A battery with low price, order the replacement HP DL615A battery with 1 year warranty, 30 days money back.
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Replacement Laptop Battery for HP DL615A (14.8V 4400mAh)

We provides reliable, high performance replacement batteries for your HP laptop. The replacement HP DL615A battery is designed to be 100% manufacturer compatible with HP OEM part numbers.
HP DL615A battery
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HP DL615A battery quality assurance
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  • Item ID: [113251356]
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 14.8V
  • Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Battery Weight: 414.00g
  • Dimension: 128.50 x 103.30 x 20.00mm
  • Original Price: US $40.94
  • Special Price: US $28.67
  • Qty:    In Stock
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty
  • This replacement HP DL615A battery is rechargeable, this battery is 100% compatible with your original battery.
  • All of our replacement HP DL615A batteries have passed stringent quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards.
  • We warrant that the products sold in our website, are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship. Brand New with 1-Year Warranty, 30 days money back!
  • If you are not satisfied with our replacement HP DL615A battery for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.
  • This replacement DL615A battery is compatible with following part numbers:
    This replacement DL615A battery is compatible with following models:
    Presario X1000
    Presario X1000 Series
    Presario X1000-DE185AV
    Presario X1000-DE186AV
    Presario X1000-DE707AV
    Presario X1000-DK454AV
    Presario X1001US
    Presario X1001US-DK575A
    Presario X1001US-DK575AR
    Presario X1002US
    Presario X1002US-DM771A
    Presario X1002US-DM771AR
    Presario X1005EA
    Presario X1005EA-DL681A
    Presario X1005LA
    Presario X1005LA-DL858A
    Presario X1006EA
    Presario X1006EA-DM933A
    Presario X1007EA
    Presario X1007EA-DL964A
    Presario X1010AL-DR830A
    Presario X1010CA
    Presario X1010CA-DL857A
    Presario X1010CA-DL857AR
    Presario X1010EA
    Presario X1010EA-DL963A
    Presario X1010US
    Presario X1010US-DK571A
    Presario X1010US-DK571AR
    Presario X1011AL-DR831A
    Presario X1012AL-DR832A
    Presario X1012EA
    Presario X1012EA-DL965A
    Presario X1012QV
    Presario X1012QV-DN585A
    Presario X1012QV-DN585AR
    Presario X1015US
    Presario X1015US-DN624A
    Presario X1015US-DN624AR
    Presario X1016EA
    Presario X1016EA-DM415A
    Presario X1018CL
    Presario X1018CL-DK574A
    Presario X1018CL-DK574AR
    Presario X1020EA
    Presario X1020EA-DM416A
    Presario X1020US
    Presario X1020US-DK572A
    Presario X1020US-DK572AR
    Presario X1021AP-DN582A
    Presario X1022AP
    Presario X1022AP-DN583A
    Presario X1023AP
    Presario X1023AP-DN584A
    Presario X1026AP-DN587A
    Presario X1027AP-DN588A
    Presario X1028AP-DN589A
    Presario X1028CL
    Presario X1028CL-DL898A
    Presario X1028CL-DL898AR
    Presario X1029AP-DN600A
    Presario X1030AP-DN591A
    Presario X1030US
    Presario X1030US-DM773A
    Presario X1030US-DM773AR
    Presario X1031AP
    Presario X1031AP-DN592A
    Presario X1032AP
    Presario X1032AP-DN593A
    Presario X1033AP
    Presario X1033AP-DN594A
    Presario X1034AP
    Presario X1034AP-DN595A
    Presario X1035AP
    Presario X1035AP-DN596A
    Presario X1036AP
    Presario X1036AP-DN597A
    Presario X1037AP
    Presario X1037AP-DN598A
    Presario X1038AP-DN599A
    Presario X1039AP
    Presario X1040AP
    Presario X1040AP-DN601A
    Presario X1040US
    Presario X1040US-DM774A
    Presario X1040US-DM774AR
    Presario X1041AP
    Presario X1041AP-DN602A
    Presario X1042AP-DN603A
    Presario X1043AP-DN604A
    Presario X1044AP
    Presario X1044AP-DN605A
    Presario X1045AP-DN606A
    Presario X1046AP-DN607A
    Presario X1047AP
    Presario X1047AP-DN608A
    Presario X1048AP-DN609A
    Presario X1049AP-DN610A
    Presario X1050AP-DN611A
    Presario X1050CA
    Presario X1050CA-DP485U
    Presario X1050CA-DP485UR
    Presario X1050US
    Presario X1050US-DM777A
    Presario X1050US-DM777AR
    Presario X1051AP
    Presario X1051AP-DN612A
    Presario X1052AP
    Presario X1052AP-DN613A
    Presario X1053AP
    Presario X1053AP-DN614A
    Presario X1054AP
    Presario X1054AP-DN615A
    Presario X1055AP
    Presario X1055AP-DN616A
    Presario X1056AP-DN617A
    Presario X1057AP-DN618A
    Presario X1058AP
    Presario X1058AP-DN619A
    Presario X1058CL
    Presario X1058CL-DP487U
    Presario X1058CL-DP487UR
    Presario X1060AP-DN620A
    Presario X1061AP-DN621A
    Presario X1062AP
    Presario X1062AP-DN622A
    Presario X1063AP
    Presario X1063AP-DN623A
    Presario X1064AP-DN625A
    Presario X1065AP-DN626A
    Presario X1066AP-DN627A
    Presario X1067AP-DQ973A
    Presario X1068AP-DQ974A
    Presario X1069AP-DQ975A
    Presario X1070AP-DQ976A
    Presario X1071AP-DQ977A
    Presario X1072AP-DR268A
    Presario X1073AP-DR269A
    Presario X1074AP-DR270A
    Presario X1075AP-DR271A
    Presario X1076AP-DR272A
    Presario X1077AP-DR273A
    Presario X1078AP
    Presario X1078AP-DR274A
    Presario X1079AP
    Presario X1079AP-DR275A
    Presario X1080AP
    Presario X1080AP-DR276A
    Presario X1081AP-DR277A
    Presario X1082AP-DR278A
    Presario X1083AP-DR279A
    Presario X1084AP-DR280A
    Presario X1085AP-DR281A
    Presario X1086AP-DR282A
    Presario X1087AP
    Presario X1087AP-DR283A
    Presario X1088AP-DR284A
    Presario X1089AP-DR285A
    Presario X1090AP-DR286A
    Presario X1091AP-DR287A
    Presario X1092AP-DR822A
    Presario X1093AP-DR823A
    Presario X1094AP-DR824A
    Presario X1095AP-DR825A
    Presario X1096AP-DR826A
    Presario X1097AP
    Presario X1097AP-DR827A
    Presario X1098AP-DR828A
    Presario X1099AP-DR829A
    Presario X1100 Series
    Presario X1105EA-DP771E
    Presario X1110EA-DP773E
    Presario X1115EA-DP774E
    Presario X1140EA-DP772E
    Presario X1155EA-DP775E
    Presario X1200
    Presario X1200 Series
    Presario X1200-DP613AV
    Presario X1200-DP614AV
    Presario X1200-DR311AV
    Presario X1200-DS829AV
    Presario X1201AP-DV770P
    Presario X1201US
    Presario X1201US-DS466U
    Presario X1201US-DS466UR
    Presario X1202AP-DV771P
    Presario X1203AP-DV772P
    Presario X1204AP-DV773P
    Presario X1205AP-DV774P
    Presario X1206AP-DV775P
    Presario X1207AP-DV776P
    Presario X1208AP-DV777P
    Presario X1209AP-DV778P
    Presario X1210AP-DU559A
    Presario X1210CA
    Presario X1210CA-DS467U
    Presario X1210CA-DS467UR
    Presario X1210US
    Presario X1210US-DS463U
    Presario X1210US-DS463UR
    Presario X1211AP-DV779P
    Presario X1212AP-DV780P
    Presario X1213AP-DV781P
    Presario X1214AP-DV782P
    Presario X1215AP-DV783P
    Presario X1216AP-DV784P
    Presario X1217AP-DV785P
    Presario X1218AP-DV786P
    Presario X1219AP-DV787P
    Presario X1220AP-DV788PA
    Presario X1220EA-DU561A
    Presario X1220US
    Presario X1220US-DS464U
    Presario X1220US-DS464UR
    Presario X1221AP-DV789P
    Presario X1222AP-DV790P
    Presario X1223AP-DV791P
    Presario X1224AP-DV792P
    Presario X1225AP-DY735PA
    Presario X1227AP-DY737PA
    Presario X1228AP-DY738PA
    Presario X1229AP-DY739PA
    Presario X1230AP-DY740PA
    Presario X1230US
    Presario X1230US-DS468U
    Presario X1230US-DS468UR
    Presario X1231AP-DY741PA
    Presario X1232AP-DY742PA
    Presario X1233AP-DY743PA
    Presario X1234AP-DY744PA
    Presario X1236AP-DY746PA
    Presario X1237AP-DY747PA
    Presario X1238AP-DY748PA
    Presario X1239AP-DY749PA
    Presario X1240AP-DY750PA
    Presario X1241AP-DY751PA
    Presario X1242AP-DY752PA
    Presario X1300
    Presario X1300 Series
    Presario X1300-DT683AV
    Presario X1300-DT684AV
    Presario X1300-DT685AV
    Presario X1301AP-PD579PA
    Presario X1301US
    Presario X1301US-DZ299U
    Presario X1302AP-PD580PA
    Presario X1303AP-PD581PA
    Presario X1304AP-PD582PA
    Presario X1305AP-PD583PA
    Presario X1306AP-PD584PA
    Presario X1307AP-PD585PA
    Presario X1308AP-PD586PA
    Presario X1309AP-PD587PA
    Presario X1310AP-PD588PA
    Presario X1311AP-PD589PA
    Presario X1312AP-PD590PA
    Presario X1313AP-PD591PA
    Presario X1314AP-PD592PA
    Presario X1315AP-PD593PA
    Presario X1316AP-PD594PA
    Presario X1317AP-PD595PA
    Presario X1318AP-PD596PA
    Presario X1319AP-PD597PA
    Presario X1320AP-PD598PA
    Presario X1321AP-PD599PA
    Presario X1322AP-PD600PA
    Presario X1324AP-PD602PA
    Presario X1325AP-PD603PA
    Presario X1326AP-PD604PA
    Presario X1327AP-PD605PA
    Presario X1328AP-PD606PA
    Presario X1329AP-PD607PA
    Presario X1330AP-PH261PA
    Presario X1360CL
    Presario X1360CL-DZ302U
    Presario X1360CL-DZ302UR
    Presario X1360US
    Presario X1360US-DZ297U
    Presario X1360US-DZ297UR
    Presario X1370US
    Presario X1370US-DZ300U
    Presario X1370US-DZ300UR
    Presario X1390US
    Presario X1390US-DZ298U
    Presario X1390US-DZ298UR
    Presario X1390xx-DZ753AS
    Presario X1400-PD699AV
    Presario X1400-PD700AV
    Presario X1401AP-PH508PA
    Presario X1402AP-PH509PA
    Presario X1403AP-PH510PA
    Presario X1404AP-PH511PA
    Presario X1405AP-PH512PA
    Presario X1406AP-PH513PA
    Presario X1407AP-PH514PA
    Presario X1408AP-PA127PA
    Presario X1409AP-PA128PA
    Presario X1410AP-PA129PA
    Presario X1411AP-PA130PA
    Presario X1412AP-PA131PA
    Presario X1413AP-PA132PA
    Presario X1414AP-PA133PA
    Presario X1415AP-PA134PA
    Presario X1416AP-PA146PA
    Presario X1417AP-PA147PA
    Presario X1418AP-PA148PA
    Presario X1419AP-PA149PA
    Presario X1420AP-PA150PA
    Presario X1421AP-PA151PA
    Presario X1422AP-PA152PA
    Presario X1423AP-PF363PA
    Presario X1424AP-PF364PA
    Presario X1425AP-PF369PA
    Presario X1426AP-PF370PA
    Presario X1427AP-PF371PA
    Presario X1428AP-PF372PA
    Presario X1429AP-PH478PA
    Presario X1430AP-PH479PA
    Presario X1431AP-PD101PA
    Presario X1432AP-PN552PA
    Presario X1433AP-PN553PA
    Presario X1434AP-PN554PA
    Presario X1460CA-PF096UA
    Presario X1460CA-PF096UAR
    Presario X1460US-PF092UA
    Presario X1460US-PF092UAR
    Presario X1480US-PF093UA
    Presario X1480xx-PF843AS
    Pavilion ZT3000
    Pavilion ZT3000 Series
    Pavilion ZT3000-DL811AV
    Pavilion ZT3000-DL812AV
    Pavilion ZT3000-DL813AV
    Pavilion ZT3000-DN545AV
    Pavilion ZT3000-DW375AV
    Pavilion ZT3001US
    Pavilion ZT3001US-DM783A
    Pavilion ZT3001US-DM783AR
    Pavilion ZT3007LA-DR204A
    Pavilion ZT3010AP-DR242A
    Pavilion ZT3010EA-DP776E
    Pavilion ZT3010EA-DP781E
    Pavilion ZT3010US
    Pavilion ZT3010US-DM778A
    Pavilion ZT3010US-DM778AR
    Pavilion ZT3011AP-DR243A
    Pavilion ZT3012AP-DR244A
    Pavilion ZT3012EA-DP785E
    Pavilion ZT3013AP-DR245A
    Pavilion ZT3014AP-DR246A
    Pavilion ZT3015AP-DR247A
    Pavilion ZT3015EA-DP784E
    Pavilion ZT3016AP-DR248A
    Pavilion ZT3017AP-DR249A
    Pavilion ZT3017EA-DP786E
    Pavilion ZT3017EA-DP789E
    Pavilion ZT3017LA-DV761L
    Pavilion ZT3017WM-DM781A
    Pavilion ZT3017WM-DM781AR
    Pavilion ZT3018AP-DR250A
    Pavilion ZT3019AP-DR251A
    Pavilion ZT3019EA-DP788E
    Pavilion ZT3020AP-DR252A
    Pavilion ZT3020EA-DP779E
    Pavilion ZT3020EA-DP782E
    Pavilion ZT3020US-DP479U
    Pavilion ZT3020US-DP479UR
    Pavilion ZT3021AP-DR253A
    Pavilion ZT3022AP-DR254A
    Pavilion ZT3022EA-DP783E
    Pavilion ZT3023AP-DR255A
    Pavilion ZT3024AP-DR256A
    Pavilion ZT3024EA-DP787E
    Pavilion ZT3025AP-DR257A
    Pavilion ZT3026AP-DR258A
    Pavilion ZT3027AP-DR259A
    Pavilion ZT3028AP-DR260A
    Pavilion ZT3029AP-DR261A
    Pavilion ZT3030AP-DR262A
    Pavilion ZT3030EA-DP777E
    Pavilion ZT3031AP-DT569A
    Pavilion ZT3032AP-DT570A
    Pavilion ZT3033AP-DT571A
    Pavilion ZT3034AP-DT572A
    Pavilion ZT3035AP-DT573A
    Pavilion ZT3036AP-DT574A
    Pavilion ZT3037AP-DT575A
    Pavilion ZT3038AP-DT576AA
    Pavilion ZT3039AP-DT577AA
    Pavilion ZT3040AP-DT578AA
    Pavilion ZT3041AP-DT579AA
    Pavilion ZT3042AP-DT580AA
    Pavilion ZT3043AP-DX830P
    Pavilion ZT3044AP-DX831P
    Pavilion ZT3045AP-DX832P
    Pavilion ZT3046AP-DX833PA
    Pavilion ZT3047AP-DX836PA
    Pavilion ZT3048AP-DX837PA
    Pavilion ZT3049AP-DX838PA
    Pavilion ZT3050AP-DX839PA
    Pavilion ZT3050EA-DP778E
    Pavilion ZT3051AP-DX840PA
    Pavilion ZT3057LA-DR205A
    Pavilion ZT3068CL-DM779A
    Pavilion ZT3068CL-DM779AR
    Pavilion ZT3100 Series
    Pavilion ZT3101EA-DX682E
    Pavilion ZT3101US-DS458U
    Pavilion ZT3101US-DS458UR
    Pavilion ZT3105EA-DV289E
    Pavilion ZT3106EA-DV294E
    Pavilion ZT3110EA-DV288E
    Pavilion ZT3111EA-DV297E
    Pavilion ZT3113EA-DV292E
    Pavilion ZT3113EA-DV295E
    Pavilion ZT3114EA-DX680E
    Pavilion ZT3115EA-DV291E
    Pavilion ZT3116EA-DX683E
    Pavilion ZT3120EA-DV290E
    Pavilion ZT3120EA-DX681E
    Pavilion ZT3130EA-DV296E
    Pavilion ZT3131EA-DV293E
    Pavilion ZT3140US-DS456U
    Pavilion ZT3140US-DS456UR
    Pavilion ZT3170US-DS457U
    Pavilion ZT3170US-DS457UR
    Pavilion ZT3200 Series
    Pavilion ZT3200-DR301AV
    Pavilion ZT3200-DR302AV
    Pavilion ZT3200-DR303AV
    Pavilion ZT3201AP-PA965PA
    Pavilion ZT3201US-DZ307U
    Pavilion ZT3201US-DZ307UR
    Pavilion ZT3202AP-PA966PA
    Pavilion ZT3203AP-PA967PA
    Pavilion ZT3204AP-PA968PA
    Pavilion ZT3205AP-PA969PA
    Pavilion ZT3206AP-PA970PA
    Pavilion ZT3207AP-PA971PA
    Pavilion ZT3208AP-PA972PA
    Pavilion ZT3209AP-PA973PA
    Pavilion ZT3210AP-PA974PA
    Pavilion ZT3210EA-PB560EA
    Pavilion ZT3211AP-PA975PA
    Pavilion ZT3211EA-PB567EA
    Pavilion ZT3212AP-PA976PA
    Pavilion ZT3212EA-PB751EA
    Pavilion ZT3213AP-PA977PA
    Pavilion ZT3214AP-PA978PA
    Pavilion ZT3214EA-PB565EA
    Pavilion ZT3214EA-PB571EA
    Pavilion ZT3215AP-PA979PA
    Pavilion ZT3215EA-PB559EA
    Pavilion ZT3215EA-PB564EA
    Pavilion ZT3216AP-PA980PA
    Pavilion ZT3217AP-PA981PA
    Pavilion ZT3218AP-PA982PA
    Pavilion ZT3219AP-PA983PA
    Pavilion ZT3220AP-PA984PA
    Pavilion ZT3220EA-PB572EA
    Pavilion ZT3221AP-PA985PA
    Pavilion ZT3222AP-PA986PA
    Pavilion ZT3223AP-PA987PA
    Pavilion ZT3224AP-PA988PA
    Pavilion ZT3225AP-PA989PA
    Pavilion ZT3228AP-PA992PA
    Pavilion ZT3229AP-PA993PA
    Pavilion ZT3230AP-PH275PA
    Pavilion ZT3231AP-PH276PA
    Pavilion ZT3232AP-PH277PA
    Pavilion ZT3232EA-PB573EA
    Pavilion ZT3235AP-PH280PA
    Pavilion ZT3236AP-PH281PA
    Pavilion ZT3237AP-PH282PA
    Pavilion ZT3239EA-PB561EA
    Pavilion ZT3240EA-PB563EA
    Pavilion ZT3240EA-PB570EA
    Pavilion ZT3241EA-PB562EA
    Pavilion ZT3242EA-PB569EA
    Pavilion ZT3250US-DZ305U
    Pavilion ZT3250US-DZ305UR
    Pavilion ZT3250xx MV IUR-DZ757AS
    Pavilion ZT3260EA-PB566EA
    Pavilion ZT3280US-DZ306U
    Pavilion ZT3280US-DZ306UR
    Pavilion ZT3300 Series
    Pavilion ZT3300-PD710AV
    Pavilion ZT3300-PD711AV
    Pavilion ZT3301AP-PH518PA
    Pavilion ZT3302AP-PH519PA
    Pavilion ZT3302US-PF086UA
    Pavilion ZT3302US-PF086UAR
    Pavilion ZT3303AP-PH520PA
    Pavilion ZT3304AP-PH521PA
    Pavilion ZT3305AP-PH522PA
    Pavilion ZT3306AP-PH523PA
    Pavilion ZT3307AP-PH524PA
    Pavilion ZT3308AP-PH525PA
    Pavilion ZT3309AP-PH526PA
    Pavilion ZT3310AP-PH527PA
    Pavilion ZT3310EA-PJ777EA
    Pavilion ZT3311AP-PH283PA
    Pavilion ZT3312AP-PA120PA
    Pavilion ZT3312EA-PJ782EA
    Pavilion ZT3313AP-PH285PA
    Pavilion ZT3314AP-PH286PA
    Pavilion ZT3314EA-PJ781EA
    Pavilion ZT3315AP-PH287PA
    Pavilion ZT3315EA-PJ783EA
    Pavilion ZT3316AP-PH288PA
    Pavilion ZT3316EA-PJ784EA
    Pavilion ZT3317AP-PH289PA
    Pavilion ZT3318AP-PA118PA
    Pavilion ZT3319AP-PA121PA
    Pavilion ZT3320AP-PA122PA
    Pavilion ZT3320EA-PJ779EA
    Pavilion ZT3321AP-PA123PA
    Pavilion ZT3322AP-PA124PA
    Pavilion ZT3323AP-PA125PA
    Pavilion ZT3324AP-PA126PA
    Pavilion ZT3325AP-PC996PA
    Pavilion ZT3326AP-PC997PA
    Pavilion ZT3327AP-PC998PA
    Pavilion ZT3328AP-PD146PA
    Pavilion ZT3329AP-PD147PA
    Pavilion ZT3330AP-PD148PA
    Pavilion ZT3330EA-PB577EA
    Pavilion ZT3331AP-PD149PA
    Pavilion ZT3332AP-PD150PA
    Pavilion ZT3333AP-PF361PA
    Pavilion ZT3334AP-PF362PA
    Pavilion ZT3335AP-PF373PA
    Pavilion ZT3336AP-PF374PA
    Pavilion ZT3337AP-PF375PA
    Pavilion ZT3338AP-PD100PA
    Pavilion ZT3339AP-PD116PA
    Pavilion ZT3340AP-PH486PA
    Pavilion ZT3340EA-PB574EA
    Pavilion ZT3340EA-PB575EA
    Pavilion ZT3340US-PF087UA
    Pavilion ZT3340US-PF087UAR
    Pavilion ZT3341AP-PH487PA
    Pavilion ZT3342AP-PN550PA
    Pavilion ZT3344AP-PH515PA
    Pavilion ZT3345AP-PH516PA
    Pavilion ZT3346AP-PH517PA
    Pavilion ZT3349CL-PF084UA
    Pavilion ZT3349CL-PF084UAR
    Pavilion ZT3350EA-PB578EA
    Pavilion ZT3350US-PF082UA
    Pavilion ZT3350US-PF082UAR
    Pavilion ZT3351EA-PJ775EA
    Pavilion ZT3355US-PL949UA
    Pavilion ZT3355US-PL949UAR
    Pavilion ZT3368EA-PJ778EA
    Pavilion ZT3370EA-PB576EA
    Pavilion ZT3377LA-PG995LA
    Pavilion ZT3380LA-PN714LA
    Pavilion ZT3380US
    Pavilion ZT3380US-PF083UA
    Pavilion ZT3380US-PF083UAR
    Pavilion ZT3380US-PF848AS
    Pavilion ZT3400-PH181AV
    Pavilion ZT3400-PH182AV
    Pavilion ZT3418EA-PJ789EA
    Pavilion ZT3420EA-PJ793EA
    Pavilion ZT3420EA-PN428EA
    Pavilion ZT3440EA-PN433EA
    Pavilion ZT3447EA-PN427EA
    Pavilion ZT3449EA-PJ786EA
    Pavilion ZT3449EA-PJ790EA
    Pavilion ZT3450EA-PJ794EA
    Pavilion ZT3451EA-PN431EA
    Pavilion ZT3459EA-PJ792EA
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    Secure Shopping Guarantee
    Shopping with us is safe and secure. None of our customers have ever reported fraudulent use of their credit cards as a result of shopping with us. You can rest assured that the information you give us is confidential. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties.
    How can we sell at such a low price?
  • We buy in bulk and pass on saving to the customers. We have over 10, 000 pieces of batteries in stock and offer the best service to our customers.
  • We have a complete engineering facility for battery pack testing. This enable us to provide the most up-to-date in battery pack testing for the most advanced portable consumer electronics products. We only sell quality products from quality suppliers.
  • How To Extend HP DL615A battery Life
  • 1. Use the correct recharging procedure for your HP DL615A. Only use the power cord that came with your laptop or an authorized replacement.
  • 2. Follow correct maintenance for your battery when not in use. Don't leave it in direct sunlight, areas where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.
  • 3. Use your laptop's power management features. The system will run at lower processor speeds when enabling power management features and it will go into "sleep" mode faster when inactive.
  • 4. New Li-Ion battery must be fully discharged and then recharged every 2-3 weeks.
  • 5. If you don't use your laptop for a period of time, you must fully discharge then recharge the HP DL615A battery.
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